​First Steps Lacrosse believes:

  Active Healthy Life starts with Physical Literacy; the ability to play sports with    confidence. Positive attitudes around sport and activity before age 5 will change a child’s  life forever.

 All Children;
  • ​Enjoy physical activity
  • Respond to imaginary play
  • Can become more athletic                                                                                                    
 A child's physical abilities develop through time, similar to their cognitive and emotional  development. Some have early growth and tend to dominate games. Others develop  coordination and movement confidence later.

 First Steps presents activities and equipment that are uniquely selected to give  a child success. Rather than "run drills", children fire from pirate ships, rescue the  princess or catch mice. A child in the preoperative stage of development  loves imaginary play which in turn provides motivation and reduces inhibition.

  First Steps Lacrosse was created by me, Gord Watt.
  I wrote this stuff and i believe it.
  I taught school for thirty years and I coached lacrosse at
  the novice, high school and university levels for about the
  same time. I also have a degree in drama and I use imagined
  situations to make play more Fun! We don't "play lacrosse", 
  there is no contact or checking. Everything is geared to safe fun!




As your childs' first teacher, you can play a big part in your child's success.


  • Take part in classes for 3 and under 
  • Continue play at home 
  • Follow the First Steps at Home 
  • Encourage activity over results